Transfers to and from Portland International Airport

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Portland International Airport Transfers

There are several options for transferring from Portland Oregon International Airport once the luggage has been collected from the Baggage Claim area.

Transfers at Portland International Airport

Rental Cars – The car rental companies at Portland Airport are located on level 1 of the short-term parking garage located opposite the terminal building. Collect the luggage, proceed to the tunnel past the Baggage Claim, and take the first elevator bank to level 1 in the short-term garage to pick-up the rental vehicle. To drop off a rented vehicle, please follow signage on the lower roadway.

Scheduled Shuttles – Several companies offer scheduled airport shuttles to various locations in Oregon and the Portland area. These shuttles are found on the first island on the lower roadway outside the Baggage Claim area.

Hotel Shuttles – Many hotels offer their guests an airport shuttle service for convenient transfer to or from the airport. These shuttles are privately arranged and they collect their guests outside the Baggage Claim area, on the first island on the lower roadway. Need to book a hotel? See a range of hotels near Portland Airport.

Courtesy Shuttles – A couple of companies offer courtesy shuttles from the airport. As the other shuttles options collection takes place on the first island outside the Baggage Claim area.

Charter Buses – Many charter companies offer transfer services to travelers. They collect their customers in the same location as the shuttles unless otherwise informed.

Taxis – Official taxis can be found on the lower roadway’s third island between the airport terminal and the short-term parking garage. More about taxis to and from Portland Airport.

Ride Shares – Ride share companies also collect their customers on the lower roadway outside the Baggage Claim area. Request the ride through the company once luggage has been collected and go straight to the second island.

Limousines and Town Cars – Many companies offer their limousine or town car services to or from Portland Airport. These are privately arranged and pick-up takes place outside the Baggage Claim area, right outside the rental car facility in the short-term parking garage opposite the terminal building.

Rail – Max/Light Rail trains service the airport and downtown Portland through TriMet’s Max Red Line. Ticket machines are located at the Max Station located just passed the Baggage Claim area. The journey takes approximately 40 minutes and the price for an adult one-way journey is $2.50.