Portland Tourist Attractions

Portland, Oregon has a lot of interesting activities and tours to offer their visitors and locals. We have listed a few found on getyourguide.com to give an idea of what is available.

Portland: Downtown Ghost Tour

During this eerie and historical walking tour the participants will be guided from one haunted location to the next. The knowledgeable, experienced and lantern-carrying guide will meet the group at the Lan Su Chinese Garden where the obscure story of City of Roses will be told before it’s time to embark on the haunted route to eight different haunted and spooky locations in the surrounding downtown Portland area.

Hear researched stories and eyewitness accounts of personal hauntings in the morbid and mysterious past of the city. Visit The Shanghai Tunnels to see where an entire network of vice and illicit trade conducted gambling, kidnapping and prostitution and where opium dens were situated. Any entrance fee is not included.

The guide will not only guide the group from one haunted location to the next, but will also tell tales, share well-researched stories and eyewitness accounts of paranormal activity about each location.

Portland: 2.5 Hour Dinner Cruise Through Downtown

This 2.5-hour Dinner Cruise takes place on the scenic Willamette River that runs through downtown Portland, Oregon.

After boarding the vessel guests will be escorted to their table where they get to start off the evening with some freshly baked bread and a house salad. This will be followed by an entrée of the guest’s choice from the options of poultry, beef, seafood or vegetarian, which will be followed by dessert.

After dinner is finished the guests can head out onto the observation deck to view the city skyline beautifully lit up for the night while a narration of the sights tell about the landmarks along the way. Live entertainment is also included in this experience that will take place rain or shine.

Portland: Cannabis Culture Guided Bike Tour

This unique experience is a 9 mi/14.5 km bike tour through Portland’s funky Eastside neighborhoods to learn about the city’s unique cannabis culture.

During the tour participants will learn how Oregon has been a forerunner in the legalization of cannabis since the 1970s while visiting dispensaries, head shops and local hot spots along the way. Portland’s history has influenced and been impacted by the story of hemp and cannabis from the 1800s to the present time.

The group will visit two hand-picked dispensaries where participants will not only learn the differences between different variants like Indica, Sativa and hybrids, but also how it’s possible to get a clue as to what strain might be best for you by the aroma of the marijuana bud.

Shop for edibles, cannabis, stunningly crafted wooden pipes, learn about the finest farms and strains in Oregon and become more confident in your cannabis knowledge.

There will be no consumption of cannabis during the tour, but at the end of the tour will ask any questions about consumption, recommendations and provide instructions on the use of smoking devices.

The bike ride will require basic bicycle skills and it will be relaxed. Cash is required for purchases and a passport or ID card is also a requirement.

Portland: Underground Donut Tour

This 2-hour tour will be guided by a passionate foodie guide as you make your way through different Portland areas. The group will get to explore four of the best donut shops located near Portland’s State’s Campus, Pioneer Square and downtown Portland and on the way between the different shops participants also get to visit some local sights where the guide will entertain the group with interesting facts.

During the tour, while visiting donut shops such as Sesame Donuts, Blue Star Donuts, NOLA Doughnuts and Voodoo Doughnuts, participants get to savor samples of some of Portland’s best donuts. At Voodoo Doughnut people sometimes have to wait up to 30 minutes, but you’ll be able to skip the line.

Try classical donuts, glazed donuts, and chocolate donuts or maybe discover some new and more adventurous flavors such as lavender.

Portland: 2 Hour Family Walking Tour with Guide

This 2-hour long walking tour for families or groups of up to 10 people will be led by an expert guide. The tour is designed to suit all ages and interests and the content of the tour will be adapted to the participants.

As you walk through the bustling city streets of Portland, Oregon, after meeting up with the guide at the main entrance of St. James Lutheran Church, the group’s expert guide will share interesting facts and stories about Portland’s history and some of its most iconic sights and landmarks.

Not only will you hear how the city got its name, but you will also discover hidden secrets as the group head off-the-beaten-path, and maybe you will go searching for miniature horses along the way.

The tour is easy paced to suit families of all ages, and the guide will ensure that the whole family has fun.

Portland: Private Columbia Gorge Waterfalls Scenic Air Tour

Enjoy a private air tour of Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge and see sights like Multnomah Falls, Beacon Rock, Bonneville Dam, the Bridge of the Gods, and Crown Point.

The beautiful landscape of the Gorge was changed when a wildfire ravaged much of the area east of Multnomah Falls in September of 2017. The once lush and vibrant greenery turned into burnt scars for miles. Luckily, nature is powerful and the beauty of the Gorge remained, the force of the waterfalls continued and while some hillsides and ridges look somewhat destroyed, the stubbornness of nature can be clearly seen while flying above the area and you see trees and other growth left untouched, and underneath the burnt areas new life is beginning to emerge, whether it is seen yet or not.

The stunningly beautiful gorge has dozens of permanent as well as seasonal waterfalls and the private airplane will fly over some of them.

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